Do your children want just toys?

Think back to your childhood Christmas favourite memories, what do you really remember? Is it that particular toy that Mum and Dad managed to secure by battling the hoards in store? Or is it the time when you all played in the snow, or ran around the garden like carefree nutters (admittedly the toy may have been involved here)?

You remember the time that you all had fun, right?

This year you may be too busy looking after elderly or unwell family members to allow yourself the luxury of looking after yourself, this is admirable but also foolhardy because you may end up overdoing things. The result could be that you fall foul of physical and mental stress; suddenly there is no-one to look after the others and, worse still, they will now have to look after you & worry about your recovery.

Find time for yourself, be that a soak in the bath, meditation (structured or lost in a really good book) or getting that bad back looked at before it is further exasperated.

Your family won’t then be so worried about you, your children will have some more precious memories to pass on and, dare I say, you will actually enjoy it all too!

Look after yourself because you are important to ALL those around you