Sports massage

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A deep tissue sports massage will prevent muscle, tendon and ligament injuries and repair damage already sustained.

As an introductory offer throughout January and February, we will be charging only £20 per sports massage session when you book a minimum of 5 sessions, spacing them a maximum of 2 weeks between treatments

Proper Preparation Prevents Painful Problems!

By having a quality massage on a regular basis you can prevent injuring yourself, this is particularly important when you first consider getting fit or returning to a previous level of fitness.

Everybody knows that going on a binge session of eating or drinking is harmful, but binge exercising also has serious implications for your health. You would make sure you and your car are prepared for a longer than usual journey over unfamiliar terrain, so doesn’t it make sense to prepare and maintain yourself over this transition period of your life?

Don’t allow your new year resolution to be derailed before you get the momentum that results from consistency!

Remember that David has over 40 years experience dealing with top sports men and women; if the need arises for treatment of a more serious injury, David has all the credentials and capabilities you require