During the Covid-19 Lockdown I decided to engage in the substantial project of redesigning my garden and my Leighton Buzzard pain clinic.

The benefits(?) of Covid-19

As many clients will know, this was no simple task considering the huge self-built concrete Koi pond. It was a job I had often considered but I had the issue of when would it be safe? Now was the ideal opportunity to carry out the work because there weren’t any clients.

The benefit is that I now have a pleasant garden with grass for the grandchildren to play on. We have room to pitch our tent and even some border planting for the local wildlife. As my wife is due to have 2 further foot operations once Covid-19 ‘does one’ I have installed a ramp from the house. Each foot operation means that she will be unable to put weight on her foot for 6 weeks at a time.

We have increasing numbers of visits from Hedgehogs, Bees, Butterflies and Birds. Inadvertent swimming lesson risks removed so the Grandchildren are roaming wild.

The benefit to you is that there are no steps to navigate. As a result of this it is even easier for me to ensure that Im KEEPING YOU CAPABLE

I’m still trying to recover personally but, if you want someone to transform your garden please don’t call me! I’m already busy helping others with THEIR ACHES AND PAINS.

If you’re having back discomfort because Covid-19 made you do something different, see my page and discover how my Leighton Buzzard pain clinic can help you

The job took 6 months, over 3 Ton of various aggregate as well as laying a new 15m2 patio. I destroyed one Jack hammer and 1 back (now recovering).