Safe treatments will quickly return you to pain free movement. You can easily maintain it with our MOTs. These are a discounted block booking of 6 MOT sessions to keep you in top form. Scheduling these sessions 4 weeks apart gives you the best support. Monthly sessions also benefit your immune system and mental health. Just phone 07808067205 to organise yours.

When we treat

The clinic is open Monday to Friday (9am – 8:15 pm), and Saturday mornings (9am – 12 Noon). We will try to accommodate you at a time to suit you. You can also phone out of hours, leaving a message for me to return your call as soon as i’m able.

Who we treat

Whether you are a tradesman or a desk jockey, lead an active life or a vehicle driver, a carer or carry an old injury; we treat you. If you are in pain when moving, however you hurt yourself, we will get you better. Wheelchair access is easy but, because of Covid, we remodelled the clinic. As a result the toilets and waiting rooms are, unfortunately, no longer available.

What we treat

We treat all parts of the body involved with movement. For instance, muscles (massage), tendon & ligament (sports injuries) and joints. In addition we are specialists in Backache, neck, shoulder and hip pains because we are qualified to adjust any spinal misalignments. Repetitive injuries may be due to poor posture, we have many years experience in prescribing Orthotics(see Foot pain). In addition to your posture they address foot and heel pains, including Plantar fasciitis.

Where we treat

The clinic is at 7 Cetus Crescent, the Planets Estate, Cetus Crescent, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire and contactable on 07808067205. Mobile treatments are, however, not available as our couch is hydraulically adjustable & so too heavy to move. In addition, you feel safer and more relaxed on a professional couch because it is more sturdy. This results in you experiencing better treatments.

What makes treatments safe?

Firstly, we have extensive experience coupled with a high quality of specialist qualifications. Secondly, the therapies used have a long standing safety record and, in every case, an extensive medical history is taken. Thirdly, we are insured with Balens who are specialists in the health and wellbeing field.

Map of Leighton Buzzard showing where to get safe treatments by MyOsteo
Where to get safe treatments

What is Manipulation?

Manipulation is a manual method of improving movement & flexibility in a joint. Many people crack their knuckles because it frees up that joint whilst also relieving tension or discomfort. It does not lead to Arthritis no matter how often it is done. The noise you hear  gas bubbles stretching and popping within the fluid surrounding the joint. It is not bones moving against each other. In conclusion, it is safe, beneficial and produces an increase in pain free movement.

Experience ensures safe treatments

I’ve been helping people for over 40 years including 22 within the professional clinic at MyOsteo. If you want to see more about David and his qualifications, visit the David Price page. We guarantee safe treatments within the clinic and I am very proud of my reviews history. Why not leave me a review via this link to my Google reviews?

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