David Price is the proprietor & lead clinical therapist at MyOsteo.com clinic.

He was born in Linslade to Leslie & Olive Price. Les worked at Foundry Equipment whilst Olive worked in George Ort’s bakery.

The family moved to 62, Brooklands Drive in 1962, when he then went to Beaudesert School. He progressed to St George’s and then Brooklands schools, completing his school education.

He started Judo at 6 years old when introduced by his sister. He later helped the instructor to teach the younger group. In addition, he became fascinated by how injuries were treated. He learned to copy these techniques & this started his passion to treat injuries.

David Price in his Judo suitUnder Masutaro Otani (8th Dan) he improved his grades and opened his own club at 18. This was at A.C.Delco in Dunstable. By retirement, he had trained pupils up to Black belt & National squad levels.

David married Wendy in 1981 and they have 3 children. Firstly Naome, who works in the NHS. Secondly, Duncan, who helps people with their mental health (see relax club.online). Thirdly, there is Rory who has always had music and a love for guitars and runs the guitar ninja.

As well as the Judo, David has trained in other Martial Arts (Aikido, Feng Shui, Tai Chi).

His pastimes have included CB radio (handle: Bionic Bubble) and Radio Ham (call sign: GB1DCP).  He’s always working on a DIY project. Two of his hobbies became home businesses; oil painting and keeping Koi. 

He has had many jobs including Postman, Office manager and Sales manager. He has worked in engineering as a Broadcasting van technician, Industrial door fitter, Plant fitter and Forklift engineer.

David Price; Clinical history

After many jobs David realised that he was unhappy working for others. He spoke to friends who pointed out that his therapies were unique. He originally started traded in 1999 as David Price – Therapist before changing the name to MyOsteo.com. This name comes from the words Myo (meaning muscle) and Osteo (meaning Bone).

Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and Osteomyologists have all asked to see his techniques. However, although he often gets people calling him all of the above, his qualification is in Manipulative Science and his title is Manipulative Therapist.

Manipulative therapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors all have a common origin. But before this there were always healers. For instance, Bone benders or Bone setters in Wales were some of the earliest. Click the link if you want more history information on Osteopathy and Chiropractic.

Many styles come naturally. What mother doesn’t rub her child’s knee when they bump it?

Being a Manipulative Therapist has great benefits for you. Because he is independent he can use a greater choice of techniques. Because of this he can pick the best method for your particular injury.

Have listed my medical qualifications below:

  • M.As.T.M (Member of the Association of Therapeutic Masseurs)
  • Dip.M.Sc. (Diploma in Manipulative Science).
  • Dip.S.I.T. (Diploma in Sports Injury Treatment).
  • D.M. (Diploma in Massage).
  • Dip.P.O. (Diploma in Prescriptive Orthotics).