Does cracking joints damage them?

Im often asked by clients, ’What is that cracking noise?” when I correct alignment of various skeletal components - normally followed by “Does it do any damage to the joint?”. The below diagram shows the typical construction of a (Synovial) joint which has a fluid space encapsulated about the two bones that articulate - such [...]

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manipulative therapy

The text below is from one of my bibles "Manipulative Therapy" which was written by T H Hawes and V V Tucker - it still holds true today and, perhaps, explains why people come to me with their injuries rather than many other therapists. People know that I will (with few exceptions) get them moving [...]

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Uplifting stuff

Short and simple info blog - Every body knows that lifting articles poorly can lead to Back pain and backache, they also know that you need to bend your knees - thats all you ever hear - but is that all you need to consider? Don't be fooled by the size of an object - [...]

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