Sciatica or Sacroiliac pains?

Sciatica or Sacroiliac pains? Sciatica or Sacroiliac pains are something I deal with daily, but they are not the same thing. This is a regular subject matter where even GPs often misdiagnose the conditions. Most GPs opt for the word Sciatica meaning any leg pains. I've even had Morton's Neuroma misdiagnosed as Sciatica; despite [...]

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Referred pain

Why suffer Pain? Pain is important and is responsible for our survival. Had we not evolved to experience pain we would, in all probability, had become extinct as a species. Essentially, our body is the interface between us and the physical, three dimensional world in which we exist. In order to move ourselves and interact with [...]

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How a Mirror can stop Back pain

Question; I have a mirror on my clinic wall which i sit my clients in front of - but why? It is an indispensable tool that improves the efficiency with which I deal with your musculoskeletal issues, getting you back to health quickly and efficiently. Some of my clients may have slight body issue problems [...]

How a Mirror can stop Back pain2021-02-15T10:54:12+00:00