Does cracking joints damage them?

August 3, 2018

Im often asked by clients, ’What is that cracking noise?” when I correct alignment of various skeletal components – normally followed by “Does it do any damage to the joint?”.

The below diagram shows the typical construction of a (Synovial) joint which has a fluid space encapsulated about the two bones that articulate – such as […]

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Why a pain free Christmas matters

December 18, 2017

Do your children want just toys?
Think back to your childhood Christmas favourite memories, what do you really remember? Is it that particular toy that Mum and Dad managed to secure by battling the hoards in store? Or is it the time when you all played in the snow, or ran around the garden like carefree nutters […]

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September 2, 2017

Did you know that you could (in theory) survive with a loss of approximately 45% of your body’s mass?

You could have a reasonably normal life without one of your lungs, a Kidney, your Appendix, Spleen, Tonsils, Adenoids, Gall bladder, the Fibula bones from each leg, 6 of your Ribs and some of your Lymph nodes.

It […]

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  • I came to see David when I was pregnant & suffering from pelvic, hip and lower back pain. Because he owns a suitable chair I could receive treatment in the sat position, eliminating any concerns regarding putting pressure on my unborn child. He made me so much more comfortable throughout my later trimesters - enhancing the experience greatly. I still see David periodically as he helps me with relaxing massages and pain treatments alike.

    by Jasmine K
  • I can now say I have found someone who is excellent & who I can totally trust & have every faith in helping sort out my long term back complaint. I would highly recommend David and do often! His cheery, relaxed manner would put anyone at ease.

    By Kirsten H
  • I went to see David with considerable foot and calf pain which was making an underlying arthritic condition in my left ankle and fore foot worse. He initially used some massage techniques to help reduce pain and swelling in these troublesome areas. With David’s expert guidance I was measured for some orthotics, and given great before and after care as well as sound advice. Many thanks Dave, for helping get my life back on track.

    by Ben J
  • I called David when I was in considerable discomfort and in two sessions he has been able to restore flexibility to my neck and shoulders. He has my full recommendation

    by Francesca S
  • Dave has a range of techniques that constantly amaze me how everything in the body is linked together. He worked his magic and, at 58 years old, I successfully completed the New York Marathon along with another of his clients.

    by Rob C
  • I was desperate for help & a solution to the ongoing lower back pain I had suffered for years. 3 sessions with David sorted the problem out. My best decision, however, was to continue with a monthly ‘MOT’ which has successfully allowed me to avoid long term lower back pains ever since. I would wholeheartedly recommend Dave

    by Jon W