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What use is bone?

August 24, 2018

As a specialist in Musculoskeletal disorders I have to understand much more about the human structure than Sports Injury and Massage Therapists. Although I don’t work on broken bones, I still need to identify Skeletal problems and rectify misalignment issues on a daily basis – I also love to educate my clients to reduce the […]

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Does cracking joints damage them?

August 3, 2018

Im often asked by clients, ’What is that cracking noise?” when I correct alignment of various skeletal components – normally followed by “Does it do any damage to the joint?”.

The below diagram shows the typical construction of a (Synovial) joint which has a fluid space encapsulated about the two bones that articulate – such as […]

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Why a pain free Christmas matters

December 18, 2017

Do your children want just toys?
Think back to your childhood Christmas favourite memories, what do you really remember? Is it that particular toy that Mum and Dad managed to secure by battling the hoards in store? Or is it the time when you all played in the snow, or ran around the garden like carefree nutters […]

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