As the temperatures rise in our (often too brief) summer, we need to consume more water to keep healthy but people are generally ignorant of many of the dangers surrounding water.

Water is essential to transport nutrients to our internal organs, and to remove the waste products & toxins resulting from our continued existence.

If you consider that we are like your house, we need a continual source of water available but mustn’t leave the taps running in full flow to prevent flooding. Similarly we need to remove waste product gradually and regularly to ensure things don’t fester or get clogged up.

The obvious first consideration is that the water be of good quality which generally isn’t a problem for us in developed countries ~ however there are still issues!
Beware of bottled water such as the office water cooler. If you look at the ingredients it often lists Sodium which is Salt. To convert this remember that 2 grams of Sodium is 5 grams (1 teaspoonfull) of Salt! If the water cooler is plumbed in then mains water is supplied and this is alleviated.
Beware also of drinking from plastic bottles that have been left in the sun (possibly in your car) as this allows trace chemicals to leach from the bottle into your water.

Life needs water

“How much water should I be drinking?”, this is a regularly revisited conversation between my clients and I  find it amazing that there is so much misinformation and ignorance over something that constitutes the majority of our own bodies.

Forget get the advice to drink any set quantity on a daily basis, this would suggest that an Inuit sat still ice fishing all day requires the same as a Masai hunter chasing down prey.

The easy answer is that you look at the colour of your Urine which should be a light straw colour. The darker it gets (and the stronger the odour, the more concentrated the waste product, meaning toxins are building up in your body and inviting health problems. Be aware, however, that some foods such as Asparagus may give a short term false reading.

It is interesting to note that more marathon runners have died from over hydration than under because they drank at every opportunity and flushed too many nutrients from their bodys, this is why many use electrolytic drinks but this is not normally unnecessary.

If you feel thirsty, you’re already slightly dehydrated. If you’re  in a survival situation where water is scarce, wetting your lips regularly will stretch your resource.

One last observation – drink water because many drinks contain diuretics which increase the rate that the water flows through your body and reduce its effectiveness.